04 April 2009

-spring is here!-

Happy spring!  It's been a busy few days at my shop, mostly because I was featured on some great blogs recently!  A big thank you to each one of them!  On Tuesday I was a featured seller on decor8, and I'm offering decor8 readers a 10% discount until April 7th.  It's a great blog which always has great finds and never fails to inspire!  I was also featured on blomma finds on Tuesday.  Blomma finds also has wonderful finds which are broken down by subject heading...each subject has a day of the week...be sure to check it out.  And finally, on Wednesday I was featured on modern.chic.inspired, another fabulous blog with always eye-pleasing finds!  

Here are two new items which were listed today!  Spring does mean flowers, so if you're in need of some new vases, vintage ones are a chic way to go!  

Wishing you lots of sunshine and hoping Spring is starting to show her beauty wherever you are!  

17 March 2009

-a special photo-

I came across this lovely photo by Leili Towfigh today as I was reading this wonderful blog which highlights the Baha'i Fast - a period of 19 days where Baha'is abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset - through photography, personal thoughts and perspectives on the period, and beautiful passages from the Writings of the Baha'i Faith. The vase in the photograph came from my shop (it was sold months ago), and it was a joy to spot it online today!

Photograph by Leili Towfigh

11 March 2009

-start your own collection-

The blog The Style Files did an entry a couple years ago about starting one's own collection of beautiful objects in the home.  Our own little "museums" so to say.  In their post, they featured this wonderful image of German white vintage porcelain.  

Image by Maditi

04 March 2009

-red rooster red rooster-

These little roosters have been quite the hit at my Etsy shop!  I loved them too when I found them.  Reminds me of a Harry Belafonte song I used to sing with my dad when I was growing up....

"We had some chickens...no eggs would they lay..
I said "honey, this isn't funny, 
why don't these little chickens lay?"
One day a rooster, came into our yard
And caught those chickens, right off their guard!
They lay eggs now, just like they used to
ever since that rooster, came into our yard!!"     

21 February 2009

-Rosenthal going bankrupt?-

I had heard in the German news that Rosenthal may be going bankrupt.  I recently found this article (in English) that explains the troubles Rosenthal is having and a little bit of history behind the company and the town of Selb, where Rosenthal and many other fine German porcelain makers are based.  I was able to visit the town of Selb last summer, as well as its Porcelain Museum, and learned a great deal about how porcelain is made, the history, etc.  It's located in a very picturesque part of northern Bavaria, and the drive around Selb was beautiful.  Below is a photo of a recent vintage Rosenthal listing at Coucou Madame.  I love this piece! 

17 February 2009

-a delightful trio-

I took this photo today as I was preparing for some future Etsy listings.  One of the vases is already listed at the shop, one of them is from my own personal collection (the one in the middle), and the one on the right will be listed in the near future.  I normally photograph the vases using a brick wall as the backdrop, but I think they also look nice surrounded by white. Especially with the pretty flowers in them.

(Image by Coucou Madame)

13 February 2009

-another great image-

Another beautiful photo, this one by writer, decorator, and blogger Holly Becker, found here on her blog, where she wrote a lovely post on creativity.  The flowers are gorgeous, and so is the vase! 

(image by Holly Becker)